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Asthma & Hay fever
Yamoa the natural relief for Asthma and Hay fever is helping 1000's. Click for more....

Detox by Nutrition
See the dramatic effects of natural food supplements, shown by using blood microscopy of real people like you and me. Click for more....

Pain relief with advanced infrared
Thermotex is drug free pain relief at it's best. Deep penetrating warmth not heat give comfort and aide the natural healing process. Click for more....

Allergy and sensitivity testing at your home

Yorktest LabsYorkTest is empowering people like you and me to improve our health. The cutting edge home tests are complex but yet simple to do. It is easy to test or take a sample yourself in the comfort of your own home at your own time. Some tests will give you immediate results, others you simply send in and the results will be send back fast. These tests are designed in partnerships with internationally recognized scientists and Universities and are endorsed by leading organisations like Allergy UK. All tests come with full detailed descriptions and a dedicated help line is available just in case.

Food intolerance? Allergy check? Homocysteine level?

Check out the tests here - YorkTest - click here

Library, Articles, Resources & Links

natural remedies library The (Natural) Library is our repository for research papers, articles, documents and other pages that may not fit into any of the above categories, including links which are deemed to be particularly relevant and useful or those that may be of possible interest for further browsing.
For further information click here.

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Latest medical news

Identification of new cellular pathway triggering allergic asthma response

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, with collaborators in Korea and Scotland, have identified a novel signaling pathway critical to the immune response of cells…

(For more medical news...)

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